which involves the use of photosensitizer (PS),2 light,3 and endogenous molecular oxygen4 to kill cancer cells or microbes. Individually, each component is nontoxic, but when PS is irradiated with light, the photochemical reactions result in the formation of highly reactive singlet oxygen species that are responsible for cytotoxicity and cell death
. One of the key factors to determine the therapeutic function is the efficiency of photosensitizers (PSs)
With high charge density in the polymer chain, the azonia-containing polyelectrolytes may show affinity to negative charge species (such as bacteria membrane and DNA), which enables them to wrap the surface of bacteria and physically kill them.
The azonia rings are highly electron-deficient, and it is thus easy to form donor–acceptor (D–A) structures with tunable emission color by combining with different electron donors.
Polyelectrolytes have demonstrated great potency in many aspects, for example, thickening agents in food industry, wastewater treatment in environment science, and diagnostic and therapeutic agents in medicine.
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In some chromophores the absence of a bridge (D-A+) between the donor and acceptor fragments enhances the NLO properties and the single crystal structure of such a material has been determined by X-ray diffraction.